Applications for the Pius Letter

posted May 24, 2020, 9:44 PM by Jean-Paul Cloutier   [ updated May 25, 2020, 1:00 PM ]
The Pius Letter is an award given to students who have been have involved in various school activities during their
time at Pius and who have accumulated 21 points. Points are awarded for every activity/club/sport on the list below.
Students must submit an application at the end of each school year. We keep track of points accumulated, and any
student who has accumulated 21 points by the end of Grade 12 will receive the Pius Letter.

What activities are eligible for points? What are the criteria for receiving points?

The Awards Committee (in consultation with Pius staff members) has compiled a list of activities and associated
point values, according to the number of hours spent on the activity. You will find the list at the end of this notice.
You will also get points for being on the honour roll. Honour roll points are automatically added to your total.
You cannot get points for activities done outside of Pius, for activities for which you receive community service hours,
or for courses which give you a credit (exception is extra work done for Yearbook. Please talk to Ms. Idone if you
have questions about Yearbook.

How do I apply for the Pius Letter?

 Check the list of eligible activities below, and send an email to the lead teacher of every activity in which you
participated this school year (2019-2020).

 In your email, ask your teacher or coach to fill out the Pius Letter Application form on your behalf. Pius staff
members already have the link to the application form.

 If the person in charge of the activity or sport was not a Pius teacher (e.g. if your coach was a parent or someone
from the outside community), you need to email the Pius staff member responsible for the activity.

 The deadline for submitting the application form is Wednesday June 17, 2020. Please do not wait until the last
minute to contact teachers, since they are all very busy as we approach the end of the year.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mrs. Richardson ( Once the
deadline has passed, you may also email to find out how many points you have received this year.

Eligible Activities and Points awarded:
1⁄2 point activities (10 - 25 hr):
1⁄2 point - Extra curricular Activities/Clubs:
1. Astronomy Club
2. Best Buddies
3. Chess Club
4. French Club
5. GLOW leader
7. Indigenous Awareness planning committee
8. Science Club
10. Games Club

1⁄2 point - Sports
1. 7s Rugby
2. Field Hockey
3. Girls’ Hockey
4. Golf
5. Nordic Skiing

1 point activities (25 - 50 hr):
1 point - Extra curricular Activities/Clubs:
1. Art and Portfolio Club
2. ATC Committee
3. Breakthrough Youth group
4. Dance Team
5. DEP Extra-curricular
6. Major Event Organizer
7. Math Club
8. Peer Helper (Grs 10-12)
9. Public Speaking
10. Reach for the Top
11. Social Justice Club
12. Student Council Members
13. Terry Fox Organizer
14. The Crew (Mass Band)
15. Yearbook (extra hours)

1 point - Sports:
1. Badminton
2. Baseball
3. Fitness Club
4. Lacrosse
5. Rugby
6. Ski Club
7. Ski Team
8. Swimming
9. Wrestling
10. XC Running

2 point activities (minimum 50 hr):
2 points - Extra Curricular Activities/Clubs:
1. ATC Chair
2. Co-President
3. Head Peer Helper
4. Jazz Band (not for credit)
5. Pius Cares
6. Student Council Executive
7. Technical Crew

2 points - Sports:
1. Basketball
2. Curling
3. Football
4. Boys’ Hockey
5. Lacrosse
6. Soccer (season)
7. Tennis
8. Touch Football
9. Volleyball