posted Feb 6, 2018, 5:14 AM by Jean-Paul Cloutier

St Pius X  High School is in the preliminary stages of planning our 18th Annual Overseas Enrichment Trip, which will take us to Italy and Greece! This will be a 10-day trip.  Our travel dates are April 17th -April 26th 2019.  This trip is subject to board approval. We will explore and study the main historical sites of each city, plus attend Mass in Rome. Some key points of interest will be Pantheon, Sistine Chapel, Gladiator school, Pompeii, Delphi, Temple of Apollo and Athena and Acropolis.  Students who register before February 28, 2018 will receive a $255 discount. For more information please go to and search for Tour: Hall-5659. Students should also see Ms Goldsmith in C305 for more information and permission forms.