Exam Procedures for Students

posted Jan 21, 2018, 5:20 PM by Jean-Paul Cloutier

Period 1 exams will be written on Thursday, Jan. 25

Period 2 exams will be written on  Friday, Jan. 26

Period 3 exams will be written on  Monday, Jan. 29

Period 4 exams will be written on  Tuesday, Jan. 30



In the case that the transportation authority and school board announce an inclement weather day for the Ottawa Catholic Schools, exams for that day will be postponed to the following day. Wednesday, January 31st remains a PD day whether or not there is a snow day during exam week.  For example, if January 26th is a snow day and all school bus transportation for our board is cancelled, then: All exams originally scheduled for January 26th will be written on January 29th; all exams originally scheduled for January 29th will be written on January 30th; all exams originally scheduled for January 30th will be written on February 1st; and January 31st remains a PD Day.



  • Students who have finished writing exams can only be in the Cafeteria or the Learning Commons. All other areas are off limits. If a student needs to access a locker, it must be done so quietly and quickly.  Only students who are writing exams are to be at the school.

  • Exams begin at 9 am each exam day. There are no afternoon classes on these days. Students are permitted to enter the exam room 5 minutes before exams begin.

  • Students are required to stay in the exam room for a minimum of 1 hour. Students who are late for an exam will not receive additional time.

  • Students are to return textbooks to teachers on the day of the exam. Students with outstanding books will have next semester's textbooks held until the book(s) have been returned.

  • Bags, books, coats, electronic devices, and especially cell phones are NOT PERMITTED IN EXAM ROOMS. Materials needed for exams must be carried in a clear/ziplock bag.

  • Students will initial the exam attendance form twice: once just after the exams begin and once when students submit an exam.

  • Students are responsible for knowing the date, time, and the location of their exams.

  • Once the exam begins, students must not leave their seat. They are asked to raise their hands for more paper or to indicate that their exam has been finished. Students needing to leave the exam room for any reason must be accompanied by a teacher.

  • If writing with Resource support in Rooms A110, A111 or A113, students must be present 10 minutes before the exam begins.