Principal's e-letter April 21, 2017

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Dear parent/guardian,

Yesterday, Thursday April 20, we distributed Semester 2 mid-term report cards to students.  Make sure you ask your son or daughter to share theirs with you.  

Every two years schools are mandated by the Ministry of Education to complete a school climate survey.  There are versions for students, parents and staff.  The information collected is summarized and shared with schools to help us reflect on ways we can make all members of our community feel safe and secure.  Your son or daughter will have an opportunity to complete this at school.  You are also encouraged to complete the parent version of the survey which is posted on our school website.  Thanks for taking time to do this.

CSPA, the board's parent group, continues to present information nights for parentsthe next one will take place on Thursday April 27, "Recognizing and supporting the mental health needs of our children and youth", at 7:00 pm at Immaculata High school.  You can get more info about this on the board website.

On Mon April 24 our Gr. 10 and 11 students will see a presentation from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) on the dangers of driving while impaired as well as on making good decisions when in risky situations.  This presentation delivers a powerful message and can be graphic.  Guidance counsellors will be on hand to support students who may have been touched by a tragedy and are struggling with the memories that are stirred up by the presentation.   

On Tuesday April 25 a group of our female students will hear a talk on "female empowerment", which complements the work our GLOW group (Girls Leading our World) has been doing this year.  

Thanks to Richie for leading our Easter Liturgies which were held this past Thursday.  They provided an opportunity for us all to reflect on the meaning that the Easter season has in our lives today.  We were challenged to be hopeful even in difficult times and to do our best to live out the school board's spiritual theme, "Sent to be the good news".  We can be good news for others by the way we treat each other at school each day.

Thanks to all who came out to our School Council meeting last Tuesday evening.  Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday May 16 at 7:00 pm.   All are welcome to attend these parent meetings.  

Student council is organizing one final spirit week, starting Monday April 24.  Students will be challenged to dress up according to the theme of the day.  Encourage your son or daughter to participate and don't be surprised by some wacky clothes they may want to wear (they may even ask you for some of your "old" stuff,  ex. hippy day is Thursday)!!  A reminder that they are also organizing the Pius Choice Awards which will be given out on Tuesday April 25, from 6:30 - 9:00 pm at the school.  Tickets are only $5.  

The Social Justice club is running its annual cake auction fund raiser.  This will take place on Friday May 5.  If you are a great creative baker maybe you can provide a cake to be auctioned off.  Last year we raised over $3000 for a variety of charities.  Your support is appreciated.

A note that all Grade 9 to 11 students will be bused to St. Maurice parish on Thursday May 4 for an Education Week mass led by Fr. Tim Devine.  Students will leave after lunch for the mass which will be followed by a reception in the church hall.  Students are free to leave directly for home after the mass and reception or they can bus back to school.  Grade 12 students will remain at the school for a class and for a grad assembly (they have their own grad mass a couple of weeks later).  Parents are welcome to join us for the liturgy which will start at 12:45 pm. 
A reminder to please check out the calendar on our website for a full listing of school events.

Have a good weekend!

Bill Barrett
St. Pius X