Principal's e-letter Friday March 31

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Dear parent/guardian,

On Thursday over 300 of our students wrote the Literacy Test.  Passing this test is a requirement for graduation in Ontario.  Thanks to all those involved in whatever way with this test; parents who encouraged their sons and daughters, the students who gave their best and the many staff who worked hard to support students, thank you. A special thanks to Mr. Walker and Mr. Hopkins for their organizational leadership. It was a big job and they pulled it off very well.   We will find out how our students did in June.

The school board and Ottawa Public Health continue their awareness raising around the issue of drug overdoses and Fentanyl with a parent info night on the subject of Fentanyl and Opioids.  It will take place on Monday April 3 at St. Paul High School starting at 7:00 pm, check out the board website for more info.  A reminder that there is a parent and student discussion sheet on our school website  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school.  

We are proud of the achievements of our students in many areas.  Last week we had several students compete in the school board's French public speaking contest.  Jack Lamont, in Grade 9, came second is his category and Tom Lindale, in Grade 10, came third.  Congratulations to all our competitors and to all our students who work hard to learn French, one of Canada's official languages; "felicitations!

CSPA, the board's parent group, presents an information night for parents called "Supporting Big Emotions; your action plan for supporting big emotions, yours and your child's".  This will take place on Thursday April 20 starting at 7:00 at St. Matthew H.S. On Thursday April 27 there will be a session called, "Recognizing and supporting the mental health needs of our children and youth", at 7:00 pm at Immaculata High school.  You can get more info about these on the board website.

A reminder that we will be running assemblies for our students in the coming weeks.  On Monday April 10 our Gr. 9 students will hear a presentation on social media safety.  On Mon April 24 our Gr. 10 and 11 students will see a presentation from Mothers Against Drunk Driving on the dangers of driving while impaired as well as on making good decisions when in risky situations.  Both of these are part of the education that we try and provide your daughters and sons as they continue the journey through adolescence towards adulthood.  The older they get the more responsibility they have to take on for themselves.  Working together parents and the school can help give them the tools for this journey.

Another reminder that St. Pius X has partnered with Ken's Academy and Cultural Exchange to offer student exchanges to Spain for interested students.  The deadline for applying for next year is today, Friday March 31.  You can get information about the program by contacting the company rep, Melissa Moloney, at

Finally as you begin to look towards the summer, consider opportunities for your son or daughter to earn their community service hours.  All students in Ontario are required to earn at least 40 hours of community service in order to graduate; many of our students do much more than this.  You can talk to the guidance counsellors about ideas and to confirm if what you are planning to do meets the guidelines for what is considered community service.  Two starting questions to ask when considering whether something would be considered community service are: am I providing a service to someone in need? am I doing work that someone should be getting paid to do?  You need to answer "yes" to the first and "no" to the second!  It is always best to come in and check with guidance before committing to some work.  Our Phys Ed teachers can give you info about a good community service opportunity at Game On Sports Camp, open to those who have finished Grade 9.  

A reminder to please check out the calendar on our website for a full listing of school events.

Bill Barrett
St. Pius X